Zerolatency for Right Holder, Broadcaster, and Video production services is a full-cloud solution to manage the complexity easily, having the integration of video feed data, input video and to create a professional and fast video live feed to distribute to professional broadcasters and other right holders. Zerolatency is a solution that can help manage this task from the professional video and help to always have a clear workflow for all the stakeholders that works on live events.

Why Zerolatency?

Due to the convergence of 3 main factors:  

  1. Video on Ip format,
  2. The availability of bandwidth with landlines, the 4G+ and 5G network, and Satellite broadband we can really think of having a convergence of production facilities in one single Hub with great availability of bandwidth
  3. Manage all the milestone and the task for video live workflow.

And from this “core” that we called Origin Hub to define and manage the distribution of this live feed in many different ways, on social networks, on customer content delivery networks, or in Zerolatency content delivery networks, or ingest one content into satellite hub.

This choice is a part of Green workflow production, reducing the CO2 impact we can provide the possibility to be fast in the creation of new products and give more resources to be creative in the quality of content

Our Vision and Key Point

Based on our long experience, we understand what our customers needs and provide the best robust and reliable solution for sport, location, quality of network ingest and delivery content, control and protection of content on streaming distribution and ingest.

Contact us

Here you can schedule a real time “live presentation” of Zerolatency and you could ask our team questions who would be happy to support you on your Zerolatency discovery.